Karlie Fox-Knudtsen is working on her Ph.D. at Cornell University in the Department of Anthropology.  She focuses on the critical study of Indian religions, sovereignty and reform, temporality, and psycho-analysis, multi-national environmental development, and sustainability discourse.  She has completed her Masters of Theological Studies (MTS) Degree at Harvard University Divinity School in South Asian Religions and Sanskrit Literature.

Her present research in Odisha (Orissa) interrogates the role of local religiosity in the construction and contestation of multiple forms of sovereignty.  Her past research has focused on narratives of futurity and sustainability in religious practice, religiosity and the construction of the modern Indian nationstate, and comparative analysis of alańkāra as social commentary in medieval Sanskrit and Odia religious literature.  Presently  she is analyzing the politics of local goddess ritual in Western and Costal Odisha.

Karlie is from Idaho, USA.  She cherishes her time in the mountains and on the rivers.  Karlie is a long-time yoga student and teacher.  When she isn’t researching, she can be found trail running and road biking. 

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